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Kerry Ann Purdy ta Amisi 79500991190 Bunya Qld

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AMISI skincare is an artisan range of pure and natural products that have been designed and created with organic  cold pressed seed oils, clays, aloe, fruit, flower and herbal extracts, to nourish, restore and rejuvenate your skin. Our vision is to encourage daily self-care and nurturing with products that are handmade with love, care and kindness.

Gardenia - Body Balm


"I am delighted to share the exciting news that Amisi Skin care has been awarded a Beauty Shortlist Editors Choice Award!  

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are highly regarded and difficult to win; the award program provides objective and honest reviews of the best beauty products and brands on the market.  I am extremely proud to have been recognized in such a competitive and well respected awards platform, which consists of entries from all over the world, some 38 countries submitting products for evaluation and testing for a period of six months, before the winners are announced.

"It is a wonderful feeling to win an award of this caliber and very inspiring and exciting to stand beside like minded people who are creating some incredible natural and organic beauty products."

Five Seeds Cleansing Oil


What people Say

“We dipped into aromatherapist Kerry Ann Purdy’s “ancient meets modern” apothecary brand for the first time this year and discovered something delightful -  Amisi’s heavenly-scented and  deliciously rich skin-nourishing Gardenia Body Balm" -

The Beauty Shortlist

"Wow this oil is incredible! For me, this is a stand alone cleanser that is extremely versatile especially for dry skin & those prone to combination skin as it won’t strip your skin while removing grime, it dissolves the bond between your makeup & skin, the oil pulls all of the makeup together & a gentle wipe removes any trace of makeup from the skin. Awesome product! It not only removes eye makeup & foundation effortlessly, but I cleaned my kabuki brush with a facial cleanser & then with Five Seed’s Cleansing Oil - even more product was removed that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. I had to use a tissue to wipe the oil & excess product off the brushes & then applied some foaming cleanser to remove any traces of the oils."

"I am OBSESSED with this brand and its founder, Kerry! She gifted this to me with an order I made. After using the two first gifted products, I bought the entirety of her product line (made me eligible for free shipping, which we all love). The Carrot and Seaberry Oil Serum texture is light and luxurious. Applied at night, you wake up with smooth, firm, and radiant skin. It absorbs beautifully and absolutely, no clogged pores, I have used this almost every night for the last 2 months and I can see the difference when I don’t use it for a while! As expected, I was enchanted by how effective it was in fulfilling its “promise”. I know that Kerry only uses good quality ingredients*, which means I trust her formulations.


— Madison Pugh, Skincare Consultant and Freelance Facialist Paris | NY Cruelty-Free & Green 

I have experience with a number of Amisi skincare products, and I want to share my enthusiasm for this brand. My skin feels soft and supple after use and my conscience is clear that the ingredients are natural and healthy both for my skin and the environment; besides it feels so luxurious!'

— Ingrid Lundh, Production technician  FLIR Norway

— Ameeta Gangaram, Naturopath

" I love the Five Seeds Cleansing Oil and its become my essential facial product. It feels calming, hydrating and leaves my skin soft and smooth every time. I think it's great for makeup removal too.

I began using it because my skin became really dry and this is the only cleanser that has healed my skin. Thank you for this amazing product!'

"The dilemma of finding moisturisers for my common problem dry skin (with winter eczema) and oily areas around nose and chin has been a 30 year search.   I have been using Amisi Moisture Cream, as a face and as an eye cream for over three months now and am very happy with the results". 

— Meg Dowrick, Brisbane

'The Amisi moisture cream with its earthy scented sandalwood & vanilla helps create the perfect base for makeup that glides on easily. Or alone as a protective moisturiser. Enriched with moisturising properties to help skin  stay hydrated & soft. My skin feels & looks smoother. I found It's handbag size is also perfect for on the go busy women. Thanks Amisi'

— D.Grant, RN

""One of the most luxurious cleansing oils I’ve had so far, the Amisi Skincare Five Seed cleansing oil feels so smooth, soothing and nourishing.

I’m not acne prone but I have oily combination skin and I find this cleansing oil to be gentle and soothing. It makes the whole cleansing process therapeutic and pleasurable and gives a “spa in your own home” feeling. It leaves my face soft and clean with no dryness, although it’s not to be used as an eye make up remover. I’ve used this consistently for almost 8 weeks and with this, everyday has been a spa day!

The cleansing oil is stored in a lovely brown glass pump bottle to protect the oils from UV light, the scent and the colour stays fresh as the day I first opened it. The labelling is so precious and pretty. I am a huge sucker for packaging!"

— Linda Chueng

Beauty enthusiast and blogger UK

"The Gardenia Body Balm matches my personal essence. Those close to me have often commented how beautiful I always smell when I'm near them. It has a natural and gentle floral and citrus scent, maybe a hint of mango which is delicious! I use it regularly on hands, feet and other areas of my skin to nourish it, especially during winter."

— Ruth Potter,

Ruth's Music School