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Luxury, organic and clean skincare made with the purity of flowers and nature

"The flower is the stem’s cry of beauty to the universe."
-Vassilis Comporozos


Floral essences and extracts are featured throughout AMISI's organic skincare range for their natural beautifying properties



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Lotus is a symbol of purity, grace, transformation and has captivated humanity with its mesmerising beauty for centuries and dates back to ancient Egypt where it was honoured as the most sacred of all flowers.

The Egyptians mixed the Lotus with Frankincense and Myrrh to make natural healing balms, perfumes & elixirs.

For over a decade, Kerry Ann Purdy has been offering her services as a massage practitioner and provider of alternative beauty therapies, with a focus on skincare for self-care, health and nurturing in a tranquil studio space within her beautiful Bunya, Queensland home.


Kerry's training in aromatherapy ignited her passion, appreciation and respect for plant wisdom and essential oils, for their natural effect on emotions, mood and in particular the skin.


It was a natural progression for Kerry to learn about the formulation of natural skincare products, and how ingredients like essential oils can be used to create clean and natural skincare products.


Kerry began to develop her own beauty oils, facial tonics, cleansers and moisturisers for her clients to use at home and the demand grew as the word spread within the community.  


With these incredible results from clients, the Amisi Skincare range was born.

The AMISI Skincare brand is designed and created for women who want luxurious, clean and down-to-earth skincare

AMISI skincare isn’t mass produced, our natural skincare products are made by hand with great care and passion, from ethically sourced, cruelty free and clean ingredients that provide a positive effect on the tone, clarity and health of your skin. 

Amisi Skincare was founded by massage therapist, aromatherapist and natural skincare formulator, Kerry Ann Purdy. 
Who We Are

Whether combining cold-pressed black cumin seed oil with papaya extract, sweet orange, lavender and neroli flower oil to rejuvenate (in the Five Seeds Cleansing Oil), blending acmella flower extract with hazelnut and cucumber seed oil to soothe skin and refine pores (in the Violet Leaf Oil Serum) or combining aloe, clays and oatmeal to smooth and soften the complexion (in our ERTHE cleansing grains). Amisi products bring the best of nature’s gifts to you and your skin!

Rather than just focusing on the aesthetic outcomes of skincare, Kerry also pays attention to how products make her clients feel, and what benefits natural and organic ingredients can have for the mind and spirit, as well as the skin. 

Why Amisi?

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Made with kindness

Our products are cruelty free, we do not support animal testing and will not buy ingredients from companies that test their ingredients on animals, instead we lovingly test on sisters, mothers, nieces, aunts and friends.

Plant Based

Our products have 100% natural plant-derived ingredients, and where possible certified organic, ethically sourced and fair trade ingredients, for example our shea butter is handmade by African women who harvest and process the butter, which helps empower them to support themselves and their communities. 

Small Batch Manufacture

Amisi Skincare is made in small batches and packaged in recyclable Amber glass, to retain the freshness and integrity of ingredients. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our products hand-crafted and conveniently shipped to your door.

Skin Loving Ingredients

Uniquely handmade and created with nutrient rich cold pressed seed oils, butters, clays, aloe, and fruit, flower and herbal extracts that provide essential fatty acids, antioxidants and natural vitamins to nourish and protect your skin.

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Non Toxic

We use one type of emulsifier which is plant based, derived from olives, it is safe and helps moisturise your skin.  We can assure you that our products that are free from substances like parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances

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Supported Charities

To prevent the mistreatment of animals we offer regular donations to Animal Welfare groups  such as PETA and WSPA who work tirelessly in animal protection and conservation, stopping cruelty to animals as well as protecting threatened species.

Why Amisi
Our Products

Plants contain thousands of naturally occurring chemicals, known as phytonutrients, within their petals, leaves, stems, peel, bark and seeds.

These nutrients develop to defend the plant from bacteria, environmental stresses, insects and moisture loss; they also provide the colour, smell and unique flavour of the plant.

Our Products

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​​These natural plant chemicals contain vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and occur naturally in raw cold pressed seed oils such as chia seed, prickly pear seed, rose-hip, strawberry, star-flower, Tamanu, jojoba and Hemp Seed oil, to name a few, also shea and mango butters are wonderfully rich nourishment for your skin! There are some beautiful seed oils and botanical extracts that can be used in skincare to help to protect and support the normal function of the dermal barrier, keeping our complexion hydrated, nourished, healthy and glowing! 


Aloe Inner Leaf Juice, floral waters and hydrosols are the preferred choice for our cream bases, cleansing gel and facial tonics, our Rose Hydrosol is grown in Bulgaria from organic roses; aloe is organically grown in Australia, along with specialty oils & extracts such as wild-harvested & CO2 extracted Kakadu Plum which contains the highest known natural source of Vitamin C, and Sandalwood Nut Oil, harvested from West Australian plantations. Analysis of Sandalwood Nut Oil shows that it is rich in a novel, natural compound, Ximenynic acid (XA) that is known to assist in the protection of the skin from lines and wrinkles whilst stimulating blood circulation to give an overall healthier look. 

​The Shea butter used in Amisi products is pure, unrefined, certified Fair Trade Shea from Australian suppliers who purchase directly from the producers; African women who hand harvest and process the butter, which helps empower them to support themselves and their communities. 

Where can I buy natural skincare products? Amisi Skincare has a range of 100% plant-based organic skincare products, developed by aromatherapist Kerry Ann Purdy. Amisi Skincare’s products have won multiple awards in Australia. Are you searching online for Australian made organic skincare products? Amisi Skincare products are now available online for delivery locally in Australia and internationally. Find a range of luxury vegan skin care products developed by Amisi Skincare. Buy organic skincare products online. Find organic skincare products near me. Shop Australian made plantbased organic skincare products with Amisi Skincare Australia.

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