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Kerry Ann Purdy ta Amisi 79500991190 Bunya Qld

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Amisi is a female name of Egyptian origin that means flower;

Floral essences and extracts are featured throughout Amisi skincare for their fragrance and

beauty- enhancing properties.

Founded by aromatherapist, massage therapist and natural skincare formulator Kerry Ann Purdy, Amisi products are handmade, for the gentle and nourishing care of the skin. Working with ancient ingredients and the wisdom of our ancestors from simpler times, Kerry has designed each product in the range to not only be effective, but also a luxurious pleasure to use.

“I wanted a flower to represent my brand and the Lotus flower seemed like the right choice. Lotus has captivated humanity with its mesmerising beauty for centuries and dates back to ancient Egypt where it was honoured as the most sacred of all flowers.

The Lotus is a symbol of beauty, purity, life and transformation and embodies the Amisi brand.

"I feel that flowers connect us to the earth and showcase the exquisite beauty found in nature. floral essences and extracts are featured throughout the Amisi Skincare range for their fragrance and beautifying properties”.

"The flower is
the stem’s cry of beauty
to the universe".

-Vassilis Comporozos

Nature offers us a bounty, and Kerry sees her role as that of a curator and alchemist, selecting the finest and most beneficial ingredients to create products that meet the specific needs of her clients. 


Whether combining cold-pressed black cumin seed oil with papaya extract, sweet orange, lavender and neroli flower oil to rejuvenate (in the Five Seeds Cleansing Oil), blending acmella flower extract with hazelnut and cucumber seed oil to tighten and refine pores (in the Violet Leaf Oil Serum) or combining aloe, clays and oatmeal to smooth and soften the complexion (in our ERTHE cleansing grains). Amisi products bring the best of natures gifts to you and your skin!

Why Amisi

Made with kindness

Our products are cruelty free, we do not support animal testing and will not buy ingredients from companies that test their ingredients on animals, instead we lovingly test on sisters, mothers, nieces, aunts and friends.

Small Batch Manufacture

Not massed produced, but made in small batches and packaged in recyclable Amber glass, to retain freshness and integrity of ingredients

Supported Charities

I personally think animals suffer enormously in the hands of human beings. Animals bred for the meat and dairy industries, or their fur or for 'so called' entertainment, and also with what seems like the neverending destruction of their habitat, in my opinion suffer and I feel that I want to help in some way; so regular donations to Animal Welfare groups who work tirelessly in animal protection and conservation, is a way of helping to stop mistreatment and cruelty to animals and protect threatened species.

Non Toxic

We use one type of emulsifier which is plant based, derived from olives, it is safe and helps moisturise your skin. We create products that are free from substances like parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances

Skin Loving Ingredients

Uniquely handmade and created with nutrient rich cold pressed seed oils, butters, clays, aloe, and fruit, flower and herbal extracts that provide essential fatty acids, antioxidants and natural vitamins to nourish and protect your skin.

Plant Based

We make products from 100% natural plant derived ingredients, and where possible certified organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and fair trade; for example our shea butter is hand made by African women who harvest and process the butter, which helps empower them to support themselves and their communities.