Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is comforting to our physical body as well as our mind. Physical touch is essential to good health. 

A massage helps to ease painful muscles and joints, it stimulates circulation and energy flow, Improves the lymphatic system helping with detoxification, and activates the body’s natural pain killers and feel good hormones, replacing anxiety with a quiet peaceful mind and relaxed body.

Research conducted at Duke University demonstrates that stress hormones cortisol, norepinephrine, and dopamine were significantly reduced after massage therapy, whilst hormones that create a sense of calm and relaxation such as oxytocin and serotonin were elevated.

Distinctive benefits of massage

Is helpful in times of convalescence as it helps with injury recovery.

Helps to strengthen muscles that have become weak.

Improves pain levels as it raises the body’s natural endorphins.

Helps to improve range of motion by increasing blood flow into joints and muscle.


Assists with digestion by increasing blood flow into this area.

Regular massage treatments may also assist with boosting immunity as it reduces Cortisol, which weakens the body’s natural immune function. When Cortisol levels are lowered the body  has a better defence against illness and disease.

Regular massage aids the body’s natural elimination process, via the skin and lymph system. Massage is a relaxing way of assisting the body to rid the tissues of excess waste material.

Assists in relieving anxiety and stress levels, promoting a more tranquil and calm mind.

Aid’s in lowering blood pressure.

Regular massage can help to improve alertness of the mind.

"Amisi Beauty and Massage provides a fantastic service in a relaxing, tranquil setting. I always look forward to my appointments with Kerry – her sugaring hair removal treatments are thorough and much gentler than waxing, and her massages are amazing! I highly recommend Kerry for anyone wanting gentle, caring beauty treatments'.

- Stacey King

“I love the Facial rejuvenation massage!

I definitely found the lines on my forehead seemed not as pronounced and my cheeks looked a bit more full and rosier. It’s a total mind relaxant too; in fact the whole experience was totally blissful and gave me more mind clarity. Highly recommend”.

- Mel Foxwell 

"Every massage over the past 3 years by Kerry has been wonderful. I walk in to this lovely setting with a sore neck and tense shoulders and walk away calm, relaxed and with aches & pains gone". 


- Rebecca White

"I have found the Body Sugaring to be so beneficial for my skin.  After  20 years of waxing I decided to change to Sugaring about 2 years ago, besides being gentler on the skin surfaces, my hair regrowth is much less and softer. I would recommend this beauty treatment for everyone wanting removal for unwanted hair growth.

Thank you the calm, peaceful and relaxing environment you provide for your clients."

- Jan Wilson

"Hello Kerry, I just wanted to thank you for the massage on Saturday, in particular I have found no pain and far better movement through my left hip and side. Amazing.!"

- Greg Brown

Thank you for providing such a serene and beautiful environment where I can relax, or improve and maintain my physical and emotional wellbeing. It is reassuring to know, that whether I need to have a remedial massage or simply to be pampered, you are able to provide a simply amazing treatment.
Thank you


- Katrina Mills

"The best remedial massage I've had."

- Debbie Hempel
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