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The best thing about sugaring is that is dramatically reduces hair growth, removes dead skin, and leaves the complexion silky, soft and smooth.

The fundamental difference between Sugaring and other epilation techniques is that Sugaring removes hair IN the natural direction of growth, resulting in slower regrowth that is softer, with less chance of breaking the hair, less pain, and better results. It’s natural, safe and is suitable for all skin and hair types. When I was deciding what beauty treatments to add to my massage therapy practice, I thought about waxing, and then a client mentioned sugaring to me, quite honestly I had never heard of it. I did a little research and found it had been around since Egyptian times, which I thought intriguing. I contacted a company named Alexandria Professional who provides training, and a lovely representative came out to see me the next day. She sugared my legs while she enlightened me on the benefits of this 100% natural system of hair removal. First of all she let me taste the sugar, which tastes just like toffee, and looks just like honey, quite delicious! The sugar paste is gently warmed prior to application, the practitioner wears gloves and retrieves the paste from the container by hand, which is then quite masterfully wielded into a workable ball before being applied to the skin. The sugar paste is spread using upward strokes over the skin, against the hair growth, and moulded several times until the sugar has time to seep into the follicles and grab hold of the hair, and then with a specific technique and a flick of the wrist the hair is removed IN the direction of growth, taking the hair and dead skin cells with it, leaving soft smooth skin in its wake. I had a full leg sugar in less than an hour, which I thought was great, as they were quite hairy! It didn’t really hurt at all and I couldn’t get over how soft my skin was, I was so impressed I signed up to do the training immediately, so I could offer this fantastic treatment to my clients. Sugaring is suitable for any part of the body and is especially gentle on facial skin. It’s a great way to introduce teenagers to a less painful and effective forms of hair removal, that will help reduce their hair growth as they mature. Book a treatment today and feel the difference!

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